Winter Septic System Maintenance

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Even though summer is in full swing, the cold winter months will be here before you know it. Before winter strikes, it’s a good idea to do a few things to properly prepare your septic system for the colder weather. Since the septic system maintains the wastewater in your home, it’s extremely important that you prepare it for the harsh conditions that winter can bring. Here are some helpful tips so you can be prepared when winter strikes.

Insulate Your System

When you insulate the septic system, it helps to avoid freezing which can cause serious issues later. Add insulation above the septic tank itself and the drain field. You can do this by adding sod and grass that will insulate everything underneath. However, if you live in a dry climate or an area with no grass, you can try something called a septic blanket. A layer of mulch is another great insulator that’s affordable and easy to apply. When it snows, it actually creates a layer of insulation and keeps everything from freezing. In a nutshell, you should plant vegetation or at least cover the system to help keep it warm.

Use the Septic System on a Regular Basis

To keep your system from freezing, you should try to use it as often as possible during the cold of winter. Make sure you allow enough sewage to enter the system, which can help it to maintain a good temperature. If you leave it alone, stagnant water could cause the system to freeze due to stagnant water sitting inside. On the other hand, don’t overfill your system, but just be vigilant about continuing to use water at the average household rate you would during warmer months.

Get Your System Inspected

Your septic tank can be vulnerable during the winter since it is much more prone to freezing. Make sure you schedule an inspection of your system before winter strikes. The inspection company can check the tank and the entire system for any cracks or damage. These cracks could cause water to seep into your tank, resulting in serious problems. The inspection should also look for any drainage issues so they can be addressed now before the cold of winter sets in.

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