Why Does My Water Bill Keep Rising?

Warm weather means plants need water and sweaty kids need showers, but if your water bill keeps reaching epic amounts, something else could be at play. Here are some common reasons behind a rising water bill:

Running Toilet(s)

Toilets use more water than other fixtures, and older models are even less efficient, using up to seven gallons per flush. If something prevents the tank from refilling after a flush, it won’t stop running, and the problem can usually be sourced to a worn or broken flapper or refill valve. You can replace these parts yourself or have a professional do so. Either way, having the issue remedied will help reign water usage back in.

Old Appliance(s)

The EPA continues to promote water conservation, with increased standards and a WaterSense label that means a new appliance has achieved proper efficiency. If your appliances are outdated, consider replacing them with ones that have achieved the WaterSense designation. They will be 20 percent more efficient, saving you plenty on the monthly bill.

Hidden Leak or Drip

Hidden leaks can cause more trouble than an escalating water bill; they can lead to water stains, mold, or other unpleasantness. To find out if you’ve sprung a leak somewhere, go around your home and check under sinks, behind toilets, in the basement, or around outdoor fixtures. You can also have a plumber come in and perform an evaluation.

In addition, a drip–even a small, irregular one–can add up over time, wasting gallons of water you still get charged for. So, if you notice a drip, make sure to have it fixed right away.

Situational Changes

If your appliances are up to date and you’ve checked for leaks, drips, or running toilets, there might be a situational factor you haven’t considered. Have you had more guests recently or added a new family member to the household? Did you make changes to landscaping that necessitated extra watering? It may not seem like much, but any added consumption can translate to higher bills.

To find out if charges line up with usage, check the water bill each month and make a note of how much water you use. If usage stays consistent but prices rise, your best option is to have a licensed plumber come take a look.

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Image by delo from Pixabay

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