Why Does My Septic Tank Keep Backing Up

It is a common problem, and a smelly one. If your septic tank is backing up, you will quickly know it. Aside from the unmistakable aroma emanating from your yard, you may notice other signs, including wet spots in your yard and debris showing up in your drain fields.

In most cases, this septic system backup will be a one time thing, and you can simply call your septic tank professional to have the issue addressed and the problem fixed for good. But what if your septic tank keeps backing up? What can you do to address the issue and get your septic system working the way it should? There are a number of things that can cause your septic tank to back up repeatedly, so it is best to work through them one by one.

Watch What You Flush

Perhaps the most common cause of repeated septic tank backups is simple human error. It is easy to think that the items you flush down the toilet simply disappear into thin air, but the toilet in your bathroom is just the start of a long process.

The things you flush can have a profound impact on your septic tank, and if you are not careful, a very negative one. There are things you should never, ever, flush down the toilet, including cooking grease, feminine hygiene products, paper towels and cat litter. If you have any doubts about the flushability of a given item, do yourself, and your septic tank, a favor and throw it in the trash instead.

Be Careful Mowing Your Drain Fields

The improper care of drain fields is another common cause of frequent septic tank backups. Those drain fields play a vital role in waste disposal for your home, and they need special care to keep doing their job.

Use extra care when mowing over or close to your drain fields, and be sure your mower blades are kept sharp and in good repair. Try not to cut the grass too closely along the drain fields, as doing so risks damaging their function. You might want to raise the blades a level or two when approaching the drain fields just to be on the safe side.

Service Your Septic Tank

Your septic tank needs regular care and maintenance, including periodic pumping. If your septic tank keeps backing up and you are doing everything right, you may need to have the tank professionally pumped.

It is important to pump your septic tank every couple of years, or more often in some cases. Call Express Septic to arrange your next septic tank pumping, so you can enjoy many more years of trouble-free performance.

Image by knavilio from Pixabay

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