Why Does My Grass Grow Like Crazy in One Spot of the Yard?

There’s one spot in your yard that appears to have been treated with magic fertilizer. The grass grows like crazy there, it’s more lush and greener than elsewhere in your yard, and the weeds overtake that spot on a regular basis. What’s going on? Express Septic Services hates to say it but if you have a septic system, there could be something wrong underground. Even if you’re on a sewer system, you might have a leak that is causing excess plant growth in one spot of your yard.

You Have a Septic Tank Leak

The first thing you should do is determine where your septic tank is located. If the overgrowth is situated above your septic tank, it’s possible that the tank has cracked and the grass is being fertilized by – ahem – your natural fertilizer. If you haven’t had your septic tank pumped in you-don’t-know-how-long, it’s also possible that the tank is overflowing and, again, your household waste is fertilizing the ground underneath your lawn and causing everything to grow.

You Have Drain Field Damage

The drain field is the part of your septic system that handles wastewater. If the drain field is leaking, the plant overgrowth above it can be easily explained by its access to plenty of water. The drain field also contains helpful bacteria used to treat the wastewater, and plants and weeds can thrive on that, as well. If you think about it, your septic system is the perfect place for any plant to establish its roots. It has plenty of water and natural fertilizer to help plant life grow in abundance.

You Have a Mainline Leak

If the location of your yard’s overgrowth isn’t above the septic tank or the drain field, you might have a mainline leak. This is the large sewage pipe that takes the waste from your home and transports it to your septic system or to the municipal sewage system. If you live in an older home, it’s possible that this mainline has developed a leak. It’s important to have your home’s plumbing system and septic system inspected regularly to ensure there aren’t any cracks, clogs, or other problems, such as tree root encroachment, that can damage the system and cause the leaks that are making your grass overgrow.

Express Septic Services in Greenville, SC, can help. We’d be happy to come to your home and determine whether your grass and weed overgrowth is being caused by a compromised septic system. Give us a call today.

Photo by Science Photo Library via Canva Pro

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