What to Look for in Your Septic Services Company

Whether you have a residential, commercial, or industrial septic system, you must be able to rely on your septic services company to keep it operating as it should be. A septic system that backs up or leaks becomes an environmental hazard that could cost you thousands of dollars to clean up. Annual septic system maintenance and septic pumping when necessary helps prevent system failure. You deserve the best septic system company in Greenville, SC, to maintain your system and Express Septic Services is that company. What should you look for in your septic services company? The following.

Services Offered

A full-service septic system company can handle anything you need. They install septic systems and maintain them. They also repair them. They should be able to address any problem you have with your septic tank or drain field with the knowledge and the experience it takes to resolve the issue right away.

Free Estimates

The company should also be willing to provide an estimate for your desired septic services for free. This includes giving an estimate to install a septic system or repair an existing one. The company should work hard to earn your trust and earn your business by providing a detailed, free estimate for septic services.

Proper Licensing

There are numerous licenses for different contracting specialties, and the septic system company you choose should be DHEC-licensed. This means the company has been licensed by South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control to install, maintain, and repair septic systems.


Experience also counts. One of the reasons why DHEC licensing is so important is that septic systems treat and store hazardous waste. An experienced septic services company with licensed technicians has the know-how to ensure your septic system remains in compliance with state and federal standards.

Customer Service

With automated telephone systems and robot agents, customer service feels as if it’s a thing of the past. The septic company you choose should treat you like family – heck, better than family! The technicians should listen whole-heartedly to your concerns and provide professional and reliable service.


Finally, to back their claims up, a septic company should be able to point you to legitimate five-star customer testimonials so you have confidence in the company you hire for your septic system. Whether it’s a septic tank pump or a new drain field, you should know the company has satisfied customers.

Servicing Greenville, SC, and surrounding areas, Express Septic Services is one such company. We take pride in our work and treat our customers with respect. 

Photo by KevinDerrick from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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