What Are Some Of The Things That Can Cause Cracks in My Septic Tank?

It’s good to know what can crack your septic tank so you can take the steps to avoid cracks. Express Septic Services advises that an annual septic system inspection will help us detect whether your tank is cracking or is at a high risk of cracking. There are four specific things that can cause a septic tank to crack. We are going to list these things below. Make sure to call us if you can smell sewage above the septic tank because this is a sign that the tank has cracked and is leaking underground.

Expanding Soil

We may not get earthquakes here in South Carolina like they do in California but our soil still expands. This is natural movement that the earth makes underground. Unfortunately, if your septic tank is sitting in a particularly active area for soil expansion, the expanding soil could move the tank too much and it will crack. It’s best to have a septic tank installed in your yard in an area where there is little soil expansion or anything going on above it that will expand the soil.

Failing Concrete

If your septic tank is made of concrete, which is one material out of which tanks are made, it may crack if the concrete fails. It will also crack eventually due to age. This does not mean that concrete is a bad material for septic tanks. All septic tanks have problems eventually, such as corrosion eating through a tank made out of steel. Nevertheless, a concrete septic tank can crack severely if there is a problem with the material when the tank was originally formed and set.

Tree Roots

The most common thing that can crack a septic tank regardless of what it is made out of is tree roots. It is crucial that you take into account the location of the trees in your yard when you install a septic system. Once the system is installed, it is crucial that you avoid planting trees around the system. The tree roots can crack the septic tank and damage the drain field in their search for water and natural fertilizer. Septic systems and trees do not match.

Vehicle Weight

Finally, the weight of a vehicle parked on top of the ground under which a septic tank lies can crack the septic tank. Never park a car, truck, utility vehicle, or RV over the septic tank. Also, avoid parking tractors or anything else that will apply too much weight onto the tank.

Call Express Septic Services in Greenville, SC, if it has been more than one year since your septic system was inspected. We will check the tank for cracks.

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