What Are the Benefits of a Video Pipe Inspection?

If your septic system is backing up, it may be beneficial for us to do a video pipe inspection of your main line. This is the line that connects to your household plumbing and the septic tank. All of the plumbing drains into this line and then the waste is moved to the septic tank and the drain field. A video pipe inspection will allow us to pinpoint the problem quickly and easily. Let’s talk more about this below.

Visibility to Determine the Exact Problem

In order to repair the problem, we must determine the exact problem. In other words, is your septic system backing up because the mainline is clogged by hair, grease, food particles, or paper that is not septic-safe? Is the main line clear? If it is, the system may be backing up because the septic tank is full. Using a video camera to inspect the main line allows us to see exactly why you have a problem with the system backing up into your home. This is an instant diagnosis.

For example, let’s assume for the moment that the main line is clogged with hair. We will know immediately what we need to do to remove the hair clog and restore the flow of the sewage out of your home and into the septic system. We also know right away that we need to recommend that you use drain nets on all of your drains to capture the hair before it flows down the drain. This prevents the hair from building up inside of the main line and clogging it.

Visibility to Determine the Exact Location

In addition, a video pipe inspection also tells us exactly where the clog is. This saves us time because we know exactly where we need to dig to get to the pipe that needs to be treated. Without the benefit of a video pipe inspection, we would need to take the time to visually inspect the entire pipe ourselves, and this will increase the labor costs on your repair bill. When we know exactly what the problem is and where it is, we can get to fixing it right away.

To repeat, the less time that we spent diagnosing the problem the lower your repair bill. As such, the greatest benefit of a video pipe inspection is saving money. It will take us minutes rather than an hour or more to determine why your septic system is backing up into your home.

Call us today if it has been more than a year since you’ve had your septic system inspected and maintained.

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