What Are the Advantages of a Septic System?

If you are considering switching from the municipal sewage system to a septic system, Express Septic Services is going to list the advantages of a septic system below. We can install a septic system in your property and maintain it annually to make sure you get the most life out of it as you can. As you will learn by reading this blog post, septic systems can last for decades.

Can Be Used Anywhere

This being said, one of the first advantages of a septic system is it can be used anywhere. If you are tired of city life and want to move to a rural area, you can count on a septic system to handle your household waste. This allows you to move anywhere in the country, even to the most remote of places. In fact, septic systems are common in rural areas. When maintained, they treat household waste easily and allow you the freedom to live on the open plains.

Extremely Durable

As we mentioned above, septic systems are extremely durable. The tank may never need to be replaced if it is well-maintained. The drain field can also last for decades provided you don’t overload it. The tank handles the solid waste and the drain field handles the wastewater. It’s important to have the septic system maintained annually by a professional to make sure the tank is pumped when it needs it and the drain field is operating as it should be.

Environmentally Friendly

Septic systems are also environmentally friendly. When cared for, they safely store and treat the waste and wastewater. Sewage lines can release waste and wastewater underground. A solid septic system stores the solid waste and sludge until it is pumped out of the tank. The drain field treats the wastewater so it is safe once it is introduced into the groundwater supply. If you are concerned about your stamp on the environment, a septic system makes your home more environmentally friendly.

Reduces Your Utility Costs

Finally, the greatest advantage of a septic system is you do not have a municipal sewage bill. Your waste and wastewater are treated by the system that you own. You will no longer have to pay the city for your sewage handling. This reduces your monthly utility costs. The only cost you will have is the annual maintenance, and that is not that expensive.

Call Express Septic Services in Greenville, SC, for more information if you are interested in having a septic system installed on your property.

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