Water Conservation Tips for Owners of Residential Septic Systems

If you live in the Greenville area, chances are you have a residential septic system on your property. Community waste disposal systems have been making inroads in the area, but many Greenville area residents continue to rely on residential septic systems for their waste disposal needs. That is a typically a good thing for the individual homeowner – maintaining a residential septic tank is often cheaper than connecting to a community waste disposal system and taking on an additional bill month after month. If your home includes a residential septic system, you do what you can to keep it running like new, from cleaning the drains on a regular basis to having the system inspected every couple years.

You also do what you can to conserve water, something that is very important in a rural setting. After all, the last thing you want is for your Greenville area well to run dry in the middle of the summer. Water conservation is an important consideration in the Greenville area, and it is something every homeowner needs to be concerned about. Here are some water conservation tips for owners of Greenville area residential septic systems.

  • Fill it up – Whether it is the washer and dryer or the dishwasher, make sure you only run your appliances when they are full. Running full loads can conserve thousands of gallons of water and help you maintain a healthy well.
  • Check for leaks – It is easy for a small leak to remain undetected, so check your faucets on a regular basis. Place an empty glass under the tap when you turn it off, then come back a few minutes later. If there is water in the glass, it is time to grab your wrench – or call a plumber.
  • Practice good water hygiene – There are countless ways to waste water around the home, so practice good water hygiene. Stop running the tap while you soap up your hands, take shorter showers and think about the water you use every day.
  • Install a rain barrel in your back yard – A rain barrel can provide moisture for gardening and other outdoor uses, and it looks good as well. Installing a rain barrel is a fun project, and once it is there, you can simply reap the benefits.
  • Replace your shower head – Replacing your existing showerhead with a water-saving model can cut your water consumption with every shower.
  • Use a water meter – If you suspect you have a water leak but are not sure where, a water meter can help you find it. Once you find the leak, you can take steps to fix it.

Water conservation is the responsibility of every Greenville area homeowner. No matter where you live, reducing the amount of water you use – and waste – can help you and your family rest easier.

Image by Ray Marsh from Pixabay

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