Trees and Your Septic System

Whether you’ve already been the victim of tree root damage or have only heard about it, trees are wonderful for your yard but can wreak havoc on your septic system. Express Septic Services gives you everything you need to know about trees and your septic system below, including simple ways you can avoid tree damage to keep your system healthy and environmentally-sound.

Why Trees Are Attracted to Your System

The risk trees pose on your septic or sewage system for that matter boils down to their root systems. As you know, tree roots head deep underground to find sources of water and, guess what; your septic system is a source of water. Your septic system, including the tank, can unintentionally provide oxygen, nutrients, and water the trees need to survive, which is why the root encroach upon the system.

Root Damage

As the roots grow toward your septic system to take advantage of its nutrient-rich materials, they will break plumbing pipes and water lines. They will also infiltrate your leach field to get water and nutrients there and have the potential to clog the field. In severe cases, large tree roots can actually penetrate your septic tank walls, damaging it and releasing toxic waste into your underground soil and water.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is your best defense against tree root damage to your septic system. If you don’t already know this, learn where your septic system is, including the drain field and all piping from your home to the system. With this map in mind, you can plant trees far enough away from the system that they won’t damage it as they grow. Remember, your trees will use the septic system as natural fertilizer.

An Ounce of Prevention…

Alongside the above, it’s also important to have your septic system inspected and maintained annually. Early detection of potential tree root damage will prevent the damage in the first place. If we find tree roots are getting too close to your system, you can remove and replant the tree elsewhere – well, if it’s small enough. If it’s too big, you may have to have the tree removed permanently.

Express Septic Services is here for Spartanburg, Anderson, and Greenville, SC, customers. Call today to schedule a septic system inspection. We’ll make sure all parts of your septic system are healthy and not in danger of clogs or leaks. We will also pump your tank if it’s full to avoid backup of sewage into your home. Call us today.

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