Top 10 Faq About Plumbing

Your home’s plumbing and electrical systems are running through your home in ways that you may not even know. Only professionals in the field know how critical and intricate those systems are. The series of pipes that are running in and around your home are made up of material that only they know and the condition of those pipes may surprise you. Let’s dig into some FAQ about plumbing.

What Type Of Pipes Do I Have?

The pipes that are in your home probably mainly depend on the year your home was built. Just as the design of homes change, upgrade and new technology evolve in the field of plumbing. In addition, as research expands homeowners become more concerned about the safety of material that their water travels through. Depending on the year of your home you may have steel, PVC or copper. As the internet provides more and more information, astute homeowner looks for the safest materials and may want a complete overhaul.

Why Do I Have A Septic Tank?

These days most people are accustomed to having their municipality being their water source. These days as populations have grown and cities have run a public water source throughout the town, most homes especially in subdivisions, have public water. However, if you ever dream of living on a large lot of land and live in the country in a rural area, you will probably have a septic tank. The septic tank is a system that purifies your home’s water waste. Contact Express Septic Services for all your septic service needs.

Is My Drinking Water Safe?

If you have a septic system, routine maintenance is necessary to have a perfectly operable system that provides safe, clean drinking water. Express Septic can provide with the proper service that you need. If you have public water, you can test your water with many brands of over the counter devices that test for chlorine levels in your water.

Am I Being Overcharged For My Plumbing Services?

Service professionals work extremely hard to provide quality service when you have a plumbing emergency. However, there are service providers who do overcharge for their service. Ask for recommendations from your friends around Spartanburg and Greenville and check their website for verifiable reviews. Check out Express Septic Services and read our reviews by our amazing clients. We know how important plumbing is, just like septic tank work.

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