Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Septic System’s Maintenance

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One of the best ways to save money on your septic system’s maintenance is to call Express Septic Services once a year. The sooner we catch any problems the less expensive they are to fix. We can also ensure your septic tank doesn’t overflow and cause a need for an expensive environmental clean-up. Maintaining your system once a year keeps the bacteria colony intact, prevents clogs and leaks, and keeps the tank clean and ready to accept household waste. Here are other money-saving tips.

Think About the System

Think about your septic system all the time and stop before you do something harmful to it. Do not flush anything into the system other than septic-safe toilet tissue. Flushing facial tissue, wipes, feminine products, and anything else down the toilet will cause a build-up in the septic tank. Washing foodstuffs, oils, fats, or drain cleaners down the drains will clog the system and disrupt the delicate bacterial balance in the system. Using pesticides outside that can wash into the system or doing several loads of laundry in one day can kill the beneficial bacteria and overload the system. All of these things harm the septic system and can cause the need for expensive repairs.

Think Before You Park Your Car

Another thing that can damage the main septic line, the septic tank, or the drain field is parking an automobile above them. It is important to leave the ground above the septic system free of heavy equipment and vehicles. If you park your car above the septic tank, for example, the weight of the vehicle will bear down on the tank and could crack it prematurely. Consequently, we will be left with no alternative other than to replace the septic tank, which is costly. Make sure to park all vehicles, including recreational vehicles, away from the septic system to avoid unnecessary damage.

Keep the System Covers Clear

Finally, you have system covers in your yard that provide us access to your septic system when we come to inspect it. If the system covers get buried, we will have to find them and uncover them for you. We do charge for this service, so you can save money by ensuring the system covers are always accessible. If they get covered in dirt and debris, dig them out to avoid this extra cost.

Call Express Septic Services in Greenville, SC, today if it is time for your annual septic system inspection. We will make certain everything is a-okay with your septic system.

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