Things That Can Go Wrong With My Septic System

Express Septic Services are experts in septic systems; we fix things that go wrong with septic systems all day long. Your septic system is amazing yet hazardous at the same time. The reason why the system is hazardous is that it stores hazardous waste and treats wastewater. If anything goes wrong with the system, you might end up with an environmental problem on your property, and that can be expensive to clean up. Annual septic maintenance helps to prevent septic system failure.

It Can Back Up Into Your Home

The most common problem people face with their septic systems is the tank gets too full and the sewage backs up into the home or business. Usually, you will get a little warning that this is going to happen. If your drains are suddenly slower than normal and you hear gurgling in your toilet, this is a sign that the septic tank is full, things are going wrong, and you need to get it pumped. The tank is designed to hold only so much waste, usually about three-years worth for an average household size. If it’s been three years since you had your tank pumped, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment for an inspection. Pumping the tank when it’s full prevents sewage from backing up into your home or commercial property.

It Can Leak In Your Yard

The septic tank can also crack or, if it is metal, oxidize, rust, and end up with a hole eaten through it. If this happens, your yard will end up with sewage leaking out of the tank into your ground soil. You might notice that your plant life is growing particularly well around the septic tank, or that there is water puddling or sewage smells around the tank. Aside from rusting through, the tank is easily damaged by tree roots that encroach upon the tank, crack it open, and then feed off the sewage for natural fertilization. That sounds kind of like a science fiction or horror movie, but you get the gist.

The drain field can also be damaged by tree roots and age. This is the last part of your septic system – the tank is first – and it handles all of the liquid waste flowing through your plumbing pipes. The drain field uses natural enzymes to turn the water waste into safe groundwater and then deposits it into the groundwater supply. A compromised drain field will have the same signs as a cracked septic tank. Your foliage will feed off the excess water supply and you might see puddling and smell a rotten smell.

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