Six Signs Your Septic System Is Clogging Up

The last thing you want is your septic system to back up over the holidays. Sometimes, the system will give you a sign that it’s getting too full. A good rule of thumb is to have the system inspected once a year. This allows technicians to see how much space is left in your septic tank and assess the health of the system, including the drain field. Express Septic Services can inspect your system annually and also come out if you notice any of the following six signs of a clogged system.

1. Bad Odors

Your septic system has a vent that prevents the odors from the septic tank from entering your home. If the system is getting too full, clogged, or there is an issue with the vent, you might smell sewage odors from the household drains and/or outside around the tank and drain field.

2. Damp Spots

If your system has overflowed, is leaking, or is clogged, you might also see damp spots or pooling water in your yard around the tank and drain field. This could also signal that you have raw sewage leaking from the tank into your yard, which can become an environmental nightmare.

3. Gurgling sounds

Sometimes, when the septic system is clogged or is getting too full, you might hear gurgling sounds from your household plumbing. This could be gurgling drains, gurgles in the pipes, or gurgling that sounds like water is backing up through the plumbing toward your household drains.

4. Plant Overgrowth

Let’s be completely honest: Septic systems have all the things that plants need to thrive. You’ve got water and – ahem – fertilizer. If you see plant overgrowth above your system, you might have a clogged or leaking system. Schedule an inspection before too much sewage leaks out.

5. Sewage Backup

If your system is clogged, you could end up with sewage in your home. A clogged system cannot push the waste through to the tank and drain field. Consequently, you could have sewage being pushed up through your household drains and toilets, which is not a pleasant experience.

6. Slow Drains

Finally, if your drains seem to be emptying slower than they normally do, this is a sign that your septic system is either getting clogged or is too full. Don’t use chemical drain cleaners to try to clear the drains. The chemicals will destroy the good bacteria in your septic system that treats waste.

Fix Your Septic System Today!

Rather, call Express Septic Services in Greenville, SC, to schedule a system inspection. We’ll make sure your system isn’t clogged or getting too full.

Photo by ligonography from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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