Should You Use Septic Tank Additives?

It’s tempting to be able to just flush some septic tank additive down your toilet and not have to worry about your septic system, right? That might not be the great idea that you think it is, however. Express Septic Services explains below why your septic system is low maintenance but still needs maintenance. Let’s talk about your septic system and whether you should use tank additives.

The Anatomy of a Septic System

Before we answer the big question about additives, it helps to have an idea of how septic systems are set up. Pipes from your home’s plumbing lead to the septic tank itself. This includes every drain in your home, from the toilets to the kitchen sink. In the tank, solids and liquids are sifted and the liquid eventually filters to the drain field, which treats the liquid and releases it into the groundwater. The solids stay in the tank, where bacteria work to break down and digest them.

What Are Septic Tank Additives?

Septic tank additives are marketed as a super solution that reduces maintenance on your septic tank and keeps you from having to have it pumped and cleaned nearly as often. These additives often claim to add more good bacteria to the tank or to use ingredients that break down grease, oil, and clogs “safely” and without damaging your system. But often, this last group contains ingredients and foreign bacteria that are bad for the septic system and for the drain field, which makes additives a bad idea.

Some Details Change the Answer

While the majority answer is “no” on septic tank additives, there are some details that might change that answer for your specific situation. If your septic system is connected to a home that you use only seasonally, then you’re not consistently adding good bacteria from your household and the system is sitting idle for the majority of the time. There may be some additives that could be beneficial for your home, but it’s best to clear them with an expert first before you decide to use them.

Maintenance Is Always Better

As with most things in life, shortcuts don’t necessarily do you any good. It’s important to have your septic system inspected at least every couple of years. You should also be careful about what goes down your drains. Grease, garbage, and too much water can all create septic system problems. Annual maintenance is always best, so if you’re in the Greenville, SC, area, give us a call at Express Septic Services. We can inspect your septic system for you and help you to maintain it properly.

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