Septic Tank Spring Maintenance Checklist

As winter snow melts and spring winds blow, homeowners start to think more about all the things they want to do around the house to spruce things up a bit. It is common to think about landscaping or trimming trees outdoors and paint and fixtures indoors. But what about the septic tank? That’s right – the septic tank.
When septic tanks go bad, repairs can be extremely expensive. Proper maintenance is essential if you want to avoid costly repairs down the line.
So what does septic tank maintenance require? Here are a few considerations for your checklist.

    Change the filters every spring to be sure the system is clean, clear and operating efficiently. You can do this yourself or call a professional.

  • Have a professional inspection to detect issues or damage before a disaster strikes. This is especially important if snow has collected on the system or temperatures have been drastically low over a period of time.
  • Have a professional pump the system clean in late spring after temperatures have been consistently warm. Pumping the septic system when the ground is sufficiently warm will not yield the best results.
  • Melted ice and snow can cause flooding which makes the ground damp and the water table level higher. Keep an eye out for smelly puddles around the tank as this can be an indication that your system is overflowing.
  • Direct the gutter downspouts away from your septic tank to minimize the risk of flooding. This is particularly important because spring is a wet season, and the onslaught of rain can only exacerbate existing issues or damage that has gone undetected all winter.

The longer you wait to detect and address problems with your septic tank, the more costly the potential repair is likely to be. Monitor the system throughout the year, and be sure to include septic tank maintenance on your spring cleaning checklist.
Need a professional to inspect your system? Give the experienced team at Express Septic a call today. We are a family owned, locally operated full-service septic system service team dedicated to the highest industry standards.

Image by Richard Park from Pixabay

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