Why Does My Septic Tank Smell When It Rains?

Have you ever come home to a super stinky smell on a rainy day? It just might be your septic tank. But why does it smell so bad – especially when it rains?

There are a few possibilities. The smell coming through the vents or plumbing system could be caused by a crack in the pipe or other part of the sewer system or maybe there is a loose sewer trap plug. Either way, the issue should be ignored!

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  • When the air is heavy, it does not allow the methane gases to escape through the vents. The air stays low to the ground due to atmospheric pressure, causing it to smell like rotten eggs.
  • After a septic tank is pumped, the methane gas can smell like rotten eggs. It usually dissipates after an hour.
  • A wax ring that is loose or has a hole in it leaks methane gas, emitting the rotten egg smell in the bathroom.
  • Sewer trap plugs that are missing or not well fitted traps water at its bottom, allowing gas to escape which causes an odor. A plumber can find and replace these plugs in the sewer access pit to eliminate the odor.
  • A dried-out water barrier in the sewer trap is another cause for the yucky septic tank smell. When the fixture isn’t used very often, it dries out. You can run some water from the fixture helps recreate the water barrier and eliminate the smell.

There are a few do-it-yourself solutions to consider before calling a professional. You can run water in all of your sinks, bathrooms, showers and drains every few months to ensure there is a proper level of water in the traps. You can also pour two quarts of water into each drain or use a CCLS tank treatment if you have a basement with floor drains.

Septic tank problems should be addressed early on and professional care is highly recommended. Let an Express Septic Services expert can inspect your home environment to help pinpoint any issues and offer recommendations to repair and extend the life of your septic system.

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