Never Flush the Following Down the Drain With a Septic System

You might think that you can flush anything you want down the drain if you have a garbage disposal, but many things can clog your septic system even if the disposal purées them. Express Septic Services recommends that the only thing that should go down your drains is water. Use drain nets over all of your drains to prevent harmful waste such as the items listed below from clogging your septic system.


Some people empty their ashtrays into the garbage disposal. It’s crucial that you do not do this. Ashes will build up quickly in your septic tank and can also clog your plumbing. Dispose of ashes in the trash once they have burned out completely and are cold.


It’s also important not to place bones down the garbage disposal. All bones that are left over from a meal should be thrown in the trash. Bones cannot only damage the septic system, but they can also damage your garbage disposal if you try to grind them up.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are another thing that will clog your plumbing and your septic tank. Remember, the septic tank collects all of the solid waste, and you don’t want your tank to fill up with coffee grounds. Rather, it’s important to dispose of the grounds in the trash.


Many people believe that eggshells sharpen their garbage disposal blades, but this isn’t true. Rather the eggshells can build up inside your plumbing pipes and clog it. They will also be deposited into the septic tank where they will fill it up with unnecessary waste.


Few things are worse for your plumbing and septic system than fat or oil. It doesn’t matter if it is cooking oil, chicken fat, or motor oil. These liquids pass through the septic system into your drain field and clog it, preventing it from doing its job of handling the wastewater.


It’s important to make sure that you have drain nets in your bathtubs and showers, too. Put a net in the bathroom sink, as well, every morning when you shave. Hair, including whiskers, will clog your plumbing and buildup in your septic tank causing it to clog prematurely.


It’s important that you don’t put any food down your kitchen drain, even with the garbage disposal. One food that is particularly troublesome for your septic tank, however, is pasta. Even if it is cooked, pasta continues to absorb and expand and will easily clog your system.


The same holds true for rice. Rice continues to expand after it has been cooked and can create a huge mess in your plumbing system and septic tank. Avoid rinsing any food down your kitchen drain. Rather, dispose of the food in the trash.

Photo by winnond from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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