Modern Appliances That Can Affect Septic Systems

If your home uses a septic system for waste disposal, you know how important it is to maintain that system properly. From having your septic tank pumped out every couple of years to using caution when mowing around your drain fields, you work hard to make sure your septic system keeps working the way it should. After all, you know that a breakdown in that delicate balance could leave you with a big repair bill.

What many septic tank owners do not realize is that some modern appliances can affect their septic systems. This is an important piece of information, and it could be an important consideration the next time you go appliance shopping.

The Danger of Excess Water

Many of the problems associated with modern appliances and septic systems are caused by the excess amount of water those appliances can sometimes generate. If too much water enters the septic tank too quickly, it can cause waste water to flow out of the tank before the solids have had a change to separate.

This lack of wastewater treatment is obviously a problem, and it can lead to some very serious issues with your drain fields and other parts of the septic system. Some home appliances are more likely to generate excess water than others, so it is important to consider water flow when you go shopping.

Hot Tubs

If you are thinking of adding a hot tub to your back yard, it is important to check the flow rate carefully before you buy. The same water flow that makes a hot tub so relaxing can also cause problems with your septic system.

Connecting a hot tub to your wastewater system can cause excess water flow, creating real problems with your septic system. The water from the hot tub can also kill the beneficial bacteria your septic tank relies on to properly treat the wastewater your home generates.

Garbage Disposals

Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen may be convenient, but these appliances can also cause problems with your septic system. Using your garbage disposal too often, and pouring too much water down the drain when you do, can cause too much water to enter the tank.

That in turn can cause wastewater to flood out of the tank before it has been processed, wreaking havoc with your drain fields and possibly leading to a costly repair. You can still use your garbage disposal when necessary; just do not rely on it as your primary source of food disposal.

Water Softeners

Water softeners can also cause problems with your septic system, since they introduce large amounts of salt and other chemicals into your water. The salt you use for your water softener can kill the good bacteria in the septic tank, throwing off the delicate balance and leaving you with a big repair bill.

If you must use a water softener, choose a model that is designed to have minimal impact on septic systems. You can ask the company that pumps your tank for recommendations.

Understanding how your septic system works is very important, as is knowing which appliances can cause problems with the septic tank and drain fields. Keep these tips in mind the next time you need a new appliance; you could avoid big problems down the road.

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