It’s Time to Schedule Your Fall Septic System Maintenance

Fall is the perfect time for septic system maintenance. This ensures you get through the wet and cold winter months without a sewage problem. Express Septic Services specializes in septic system installation, maintenance, and repair, and we recommend the following be done each year to keep your system healthy and extend its life. After all, a septic system problem can be a huge and expensive mess.

Pump the Septic Tank

Depending on your household size and how much waste you flush into the system, the septic tank should be pumped every three-to-five years. This said, it should be inspected annually to make certain it hasn’t filled prematurely. If you have a large household, your tank will fill up much faster. Consequently, you might not make the three-year average and need to have the tank pumped sooner.

Fall is a good time to pump the septic tank. The holidays are coming and this means house guests, party guests, and increased septic system usage. You don’t want your septic tank to back up into the home when you have a house filled with guests. The hazardous waste will fill your bathtubs, sinks, and showers, leaving you with an embarrassing, smelly, and dangerous mess.

Inspect the Entire System

Aside from the septic tank returning sewage into your home, fall is a good time for us to inspect the main line and drain field, as well. The main line carries sewage and wastewater from your home to the septic system. The solid waste is deposited into the septic tank; the liquid waste is filtered through the drain field. Now is the time to catch problems with the main line, including clogs or leaks.

The drain field is important, too. It treats the wastewater before it seeps into the ground. Wastewater can be as hazardous as human waste, so it must be treated before it is introduced into the groundwater supply. Fall is a good time to inspect the drain field for damage. Tree roots in particular can harm the drain field and crack your septic tank. We’ll inspect the entire system to make sure it isn’t damaged.

Part of getting your home ready for the holidays includes septic system maintenance to keep the water flowing. If you live in Greenville, SC, or its surrounding areas, call Express Septic Services to schedule a fall septic system maintenance visit. We only employ experienced technicians to service and repair septic systems in the Greenville area.

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