Is My Septic System Watering My Yard?

Many of our customers don’t realize it but their septic system is leaking and watering their yard. We will discuss the signs of this in greater detail below, but Express Septic Services wants you to know that annual maintenance can help prevent your septic system from developing leaks and turning your yard into an environmental waste dump. Keep in mind that your septic system contains and treats hazardous waste, and you do not want this waste polluting your soil.

Excess Overgrowth

One sign that your septic system is leaking is excess overgrowth. It might be that you have one spot in your yard where the weeds grow like crazy, or perhaps your lawn grows better in that spot. Maybe you have found that the flowers you have planted over your septic system grow better than the same flowers planted elsewhere in the yard. This is a sign that your septic system is watering this portion of your yard, but it is also a sign of something else.


Excess overgrowth is definitely a sign that your drain field or leech field if you prefer to call it that is leaking water underground. The access overgrowth can also be a sign that your septic tank is cracked or overflowing. We know it sounds gross to say it, but your septic tank stores human waste, and this solid waste can work as a fertilizer, which is why the plant life is growing and so well above and around your septic tank. You might not only have a leaking drain field, but you might also have a leaking septic tank.

Main Line Leak

Another way your septic system might be watering your yard is via the mainline. This is the main plumbing pipe that takes all of the household waste from the smaller pipes and sends it directly to the septic tank and the drain field. You might see a row of overgrowth from the house to the septic tank, or you may see spots of overgrowth over the mainline and not over the septic tank or drain field. This line will need to be replaced if it is leaking.

Maintenance Helps

As we said above, maintaining your septic system helps to ensure that you never end up with a leaking system. Annual inspections allow us to make sure your system isn’t leaking and that you don’t need to have your septic tank pumped. If it’s been three years since you had the tank pumped last and you have overgrowth above the tank, it could be overflowing waste underground.

Express Septic Services in Greenville, SC, would be happy to come to your home and inspect your septic system if you suspect it’s watering your yard. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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