Is My Septic Drain Field Clogged?

Your septic system, including the drain field, can get clogged over time if the system is not maintained. Express Septic Services in Greenville, South Carolina, can inspect your septic system annually to make certain that it isn’t at high risk of getting clogged or damaged. Taking care of the system will extend its life. This includes the drain field which treats and releases the wastewater. Here are the signs that your drain field is clogged or damaged and needs to be replaced.

Slow Household Drains

If the drains in your house have slowed down, it’s possible that your plumbing has a buildup of grime inside the pipes. Slow drains can also point to a problem with the septic system, however. Because the water inside your home passes through the septic tank and into the drain field, slow drains point to a problem with the drain field, such as clogged pipes. Eventually, your drains will stop due to the clogs.

Spongy or Mushy Yard Space

Another problem with the drain field pipes is they can crack or break when they get old. When this happens, the wastewater is released into your yard above the drain field system. You will notice the ground is wet above the system all the time. In fact, it may even get mushy and puddles may form.

Increased Plant Growth

Naturally, this wet soil will increase the plant growth above the septic system’s drain field. You will have an overgrowth of weeds and, if you have a lawn, the lawn will grow faster above the field. This overgrowth is also due to the natural fertilizer found in your household’s wastewater. It’s important to call us right away if you have an overgrowth in your yard over the drain field or septic tank.

Water in the Septic Tank

We might discover that your drain field is clogged when we service your septic tank. The tank is used to store solids, and the water flows into the drain field. If water is backing up into the tank through the drain field outlet, this is an indication that the drain field is clogged and unable to process the wastewater. We should only find solid waste in your septic system’s tank.

Sewage Odors

Finally, you may be able to smell that your drain field is clogged and not releasing the treated wastewater into the ground supply. If you notice sewage odors in your yard above the drain field or the septic tank, your system is damaged and leaking sewage into the ground above it.

Call Express Septic Services in Greenville, SC, today if you suspect your septic drain field is clogged or damaged. We will inspect the drain field and make any necessary repairs.

Photo by MementoImage from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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