Is My Drainfield Leaking?

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Your septic system’s drainfield is crucial to its operation. In very basic terms, a main pipe draws household waste out into the septic system where solid waste sinks down into the tank and the wastewater flows to the drainfield where it’s treated and disposed of. There are ways you can tell your drainfield is leaking or having other trouble. Express Septic Services explains what they are below.

Slower Drains

One of the first signs of trouble with a septic drainfield or the septic tank is slow-moving drains. Slow-moving drains suggest there is a clogged pipe, overflowing septic tank, or clogged drainfield. If the drainfield clogs or otherwise fails, wastewater flows back into the septic tank. It will, in turn, build up and the excess water backing up will slow your household drains.

Water Log

As the drainfield continues to backwash into the septic system, the water only has one way to go once the septic tank is full and that is back into your home. This can get ugly since the water is contaminated. A backed-up septic system will send wastewater up through your drains and fill your showers, sinks, toilets, and tubs. It may also push water up to the outside topsoil that surrounds the system.

Plant Growth

You might not notice the water right away, especially if the problem isn’t that your drainfield is clogged but is leaking instead. A leaking septic system drainfield does one thing very well and that’s water weeds and your plants. If you notice excessive growth in your yard that is above your septic system’s drainfield, your drainfield is leaking and providing both moisture and fertilizer.

Foul Odors

Finally, your nose will tell you if you have a drainfield problem. Alongside moist ground that fuels plant growth, you may notice sewage odors outside above your septic system. If the odors are above the tank, it’s the tank that’s leaking. If they’re above the drainfield, it’s the drainfield that’s leaking. You may also notice odors seeping up through your drains inside. If you do, clean your drains with baking soda and white vinegar. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may have septic system trouble.

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