I Have Sewage Smells in My Home and Yard

If your home has a septic system and you have sewage smells in the home and/or in the yard, there is a problem with your system. Do not panic, however. We here at Express Septic Services can help. We are septic system experts in Greenville, South Carolina and its surrounding areas. We are going to list the reasons why you have sewage smells in the home and the yard below. We can fix any of these problems.

Dry Drains

If you’ve ever wondered why all drains have a U-shaped pipe underneath them, this is to help prevent odors from creeping up through the drain. At the bottom of the U, water is held to block odors that would come from your septic tank or sewage system if you were on the city’s sewage line. This U-shaped pipe is called a trap pipe, and if it is dry, you will get sewage odors through the drains.

Cold Outdoor Air

This isn’t a problem right now, but during cold winter weather, you may end up with a frozen plumbing vent. This vent helps sewage odors escape your home. If the vent is frozen over with ice, the odors will not be able to flow through it and they will remain in your house. Obviously, de-icing the vent will restore its functionality and allow the unpleasant odors to escape your plumbing system.

Runoff Flooding

You may also notice a sewage smell when we have severe rainstorms here in Greenville. When it is pouring, any ground surface runoff or excess groundwater can flood the septic system in your yard. Usually, newer systems have an intercept drain that helps prevent the runoff from making its way into the septic tank.

Clogged Tank Vent

Aside from the plumbing vent, your septic system also has a tank vent and vent stacks. These things can get clogged with debris and dirt and this will cause sewage smells both inside and outside of your home. What’s worse, if you had your septic system installed by someone who was not a septic professional, he may not have installed a septic tank vent.

Full Septic Tank

Finally, one of the most common reasons why you smell sewage inside your home is that your septic tank is full. Once the tank gets full, the sewage has no choice but to back up into your home. If you smell the sewage outside, it could also be because the tank is full and is overflowing underground.

Call Express Septic Services in Greenville, SC, right away if you have sewage smells inside or outside of your home.

Photo by obscura99 from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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