How To Keep Septic Pipes From Freezing In The Winter

Just as the plumbing in your home, your septic pipes can freeze during the frigid winter months, too, and you definitely do not want that to happen. A burst septic pipe can leach sewage into your soil, which is something the EPA and local environmental authorities frown upon. Protect your septic pipes by keeping them warm during the winter. This prevents freezing and potential bursts due to water expansion. Here are some tips from our experts at Express Septic Services.

When at Home

We’ll have some tips for you below when you head off to grandma’s house for the holidays, but while you’re at home, there are plenty of things you can do to avoid an icy septic system pipe and the hazards that go with it. To keep your pipes warm even though they’re outside and underground lay mulch over the ground above your main pipe, septic tank, and drain field. Eight to 12 inches is usually thick enough to insulate the system, and you can use anything from hay to leaves to straw. It just needs to a material that will stay put without compacting.

Schedule your home’s water usage so it’s more sporadic throughout the days and nights. Running warm water regularly prevents the pipes from freezing, but you should never just open up a faucet and let it go. Not only will this increase your water bill it will also overload your septic system. Rather, do laundry several times a week instead of just once a week. Have some family members shower in the morning and others at night. Do the dishes by hand a few nights a week and run the dishwasher for the rest of the time. Find excuses to run warm water.

Keep a close watch on your septic system. If you notice water seeping or bubbling up into the ground, water pools, or an unpleasant odor outdoors above your septic system, call us for an inspection. These things could indicate a pipe has burst or another system failure. We can also inspect your system for leaky pipes, fix any leaking plumbing fixtures inside the home, or replace your existing septic pipes with insulated ones for maximum freeze protection.

While at Grandma’s House

When you head “over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house,” let us pump your tank before you leave. This removes any waste that could seep into your ground soil should a pipe burst. Hire a house sitter or have a neighbor come over regularly to run warm water in the home as if someone were home. Finally, if you have pets, instruct the pet sitter to discourage them from romping on the soil above the system. You want the mulch undisturbed.

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