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Whether you have just purchased a home with a septic tank or had your own tank installed many years ago, you probably do not give much thought to your drain fields. Maybe you do not even fully comprehend what a drain field, or the critical role it plays in your septic tank system. When your septic system is running smoothly and humming along, you can probably safely ignore your drain fields, but when something goes wrong you will quickly understand just how vital your drain field really is. When this happens you need a Greenville drain field repair specialist you can trust.

Drain Field Repair Greenville, SC

At Express Septic, we are your drain field installation and repair experts. Whether you are installing a new system, expanding an existing drain field, or repairing a drain field that has already failed, Express Septic can help you every step along the way. From the initial identification of the problem to its resolution, we can guide you, help you understand what needs to be done and assure you that the work is done right.

No matter how large your tank or what part of upstate South Carolina you call home, your drain field is a critical component of your septic system. When the system is working properly, water from the septic tank will flow into the drain field and be absorbed into the ground.

Drain fields are constructed using perforated pipes which are placed in gravel-filled trenches. That design promotes proper drainage and enhances the amount of moisture the field can hold.

Given the importance of the drain field, it is easy to see why its failure would be such a big deal. If the drain field fails, the moisture can quickly accumulate, causing the entire system to back up and stop working. When that happens, you need service right away, and Express Septic is proud to provide the service that will get your system back in good working order.

Drain Field Problems

There are a number of common problems septic system drain fields can experience, including sludge overloading as the result of too much solid material, grease buildup that eventually leads to grease capping, broken pipes in the drain field, and the intrusion of roots from surrounding trees.

A lack of maintenance or failure to pump and clean the system can also cause premature failure of the drain field, so keeping your system clean is very important. Express Septic can help you in all aspects of cleaning and maintenance, from the initial inspection to the thorough cleaning and pumping of the system.

Drain Fields Repair Near Me

We can also help you with the installation and repair of your drain fields. We serve both residential and commercial clients throughout the upstate South Carolina region, and we are always here to help. Just give us a call today to discuss how your drain fields impact your septic tank system and how our inspection and maintenance can help them last longer. When you want the best drain field repair in Greenville, SC, and the surrounding areas, you want Express Septic.

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