Do Not Buy a Home Without a Septic System Inspection First

Trust us here at Express Septic Services. We have seen it all, and we have had many customers experience septic system problems right after purchasing a home that is new to them. This is why we recommend that you call us to come out and inspect the septic systems on any properties you are considering purchasing. You want to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the system that will cost you a ton of money right after you’ve spent the money to buy a new-to-you home. Let’s talk about how we will protect you from this with a septic system inspection.

Main Septic Line

As you may know, the household plumbing empties into a main septic line that carries the wastewater and waste to the septic tank. This line can get clogged over time or get damaged by tree roots or ground shifting. We will inspect the main septic line using a camera to ensure that it is clean and intact from top to bottom. You cannot rely on your septic system if the main septic line causes problems. In most cases, problems cause the sewage to back up into your home or leak underground.

Septic Tank

Once we’ve given the main septic line the thumbs-up, we will inspect the septic tank to make sure that it, too, is in excellent condition. Many things can damage a septic tank, including tree roots, vehicle weight, and age. It does you no good to move into a home with an old septic system that will need to be replaced soon. You want to make sure that the septic tank has decades of life in it and that it is not too full. We will inspect the septic tank thoroughly so we can assure you that it will last and that it has plenty of space and it. If it is full, you can demand that the current homeowner have it pumped.

Drain Field

Finally, the drain field is the last portion of a septic system. It is made up of pipes and layers of different materials so that it can treat the wastewater to purify it before it is introduced into the groundwater supply. As such, we will inspect the drain field to ensure that none of the pipes are cracked and that the material layers are intact. If the drain field needs to be replaced, we will tell you.

Call Express Septic Services in Greenville, SC, today to set up a septic system inspection if you are considering purchasing a new-to-you home with a septic system.

Photo by AndreyPopov from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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