Consider Your Septic System’s Location When Landscaping

You’ve decided it’s time to do some landscaping outside. You’ve saved your hard-earned cash and are ready to have a beautiful yard. Express Septic Services warns that it’s important to consider the location of your septic system when landscaping; otherwise, you run the risk of ruining the septic system or your beautiful yard. If you don’t know where your septic system is, call us to come out and find it for you. Here is why you need to keep the system in mind while you are landscaping.

Tree Roots Will Ruin the Tank and Drain Field

Planting trees above or near the septic system will ruin it. As the trees grow and their roots encroach upon the system, they will damage the drain field and can literally crack the septic tank if they are strong enough. This can create a huge problem with your septic system, including sewage seeping out of the system underneath the ground and sewage backing up into your home if the system is clogged by the roots.

Landscape Gravel Makes it Hard to Pump the Tank

Landscape gravel is a quick and easy way to add beautiful, colorful accents to your yard that are hassle-free. Make sure that you don’t put landscape gravel over your septic system, especially the tank and the pump opening. If you cover the pump opening with landscape gravel, we will have to move the gravel in order to pump your septic tank, which should be done every three years on average.

Flowerbeds Will Be Ruined When Pumping the Tank

Flowerbeds will be ruined as well if we have to dig through them to get to the septic pump opening to pump your tank. It’s important to plant flowerbeds away from the septic system so that we don’t have to do anything to them to access your septic tank and drain field. We would hate to ruin your beautiful garden, so make sure your flowerbeds are clear of the septic system and its mainline.

Mulch Might Mask Odors from the Septic System

Finally, mulch is great for maintaining moisture for all of the foliage in your landscaping. If you put mulch over the septic system, however, you may have a problem brewing underneath that you are unaware of. Depending on the type of mulch, its fragrance may mask odors coming up from the septic system, which will leave you clueless about system damage and raw sewage underneath the topsoil.

Express Septic Services in Greenville SC, advises that you have your septic system checked annually. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for an inspection today before you landscape your yard.

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