Avoid Flushing the Following Down the Toilet

Technically, the only thing that should be found in your septic tank is solid human waste and septic-safe toilet paper. If you flush other things down the toilet, you run the risk of clogging your septic tank prematurely. Express Septic Services is going to list items that you should not flush down the toilet.

Cigarette Butts

If you have the habit of enjoying a cigarette while you do your business, it can be incredibly tempting to toss the butt into the toilet before you flush it. Keep an ashtray in the bathroom instead. It’s important that you do not flush cigarette butts down the toilet because they will clog your plumbing and septic system. It’s better to snuff them out in an ashtray and empty the ashtray into the trash.

Diapers/Baby Wipes

You may also be tempted to flush baby wipes, adult wipes, or disposable diapers down the toilet. Even if any of these things claim to be septic safe, they are not. They need to be disposed of in the trash. Again, the wipes can clog your plumbing and septic system, and a disposable diaper will likely clog your toilet. Do not take chances with your septic system. Throw these things in the trash.

Dirty Cat Litter

Another thing that claims to be septic safe when it isn’t is certain brands of cat litter. Even if you use natural cat litter such as corn or grass seed, you should not flush the dirty litter down the toilet. Cat litter continues to expand after the cats have used it. Flushing even septic-safe litter down the toilet will eventually clog your plumbing, fill the tank prematurely, and clog your septic system.

Facial Tissue

It’s also tempting to flush facial tissue down the toilet, but facial tissue is not septic-safe. Rather, throw away the used facial tissue in the trash to avoid causing problems with your septic system. Aside from facial tissue, you should also avoid flushing makeup remover wipes or facial cleansing wipes down the toilet. Never flush cotton balls or Q-tips down the toilet either.

Feminine Products

Finally, feminine products such as tampons tout that they are safe to be flushed down the toilet. If you have a septic system, you should avoid flushing all feminine products down the toilet including tampons. These products can clog your plumbing and your septic tank.

Express Septic Services in Greenville, SC, would be happy to inspect your septic system if you have been flushing the items listed above down the toilet. We can repair any damage.

Photo by bieshutterb from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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