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Five Ways to Extend Your Septic Tank’s Life

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A new septic tank can cost as much as $5,000 or more, depending on the damage to the tank and the rest of the septic system. Express Septic Services cannot only help you get more life out of your septic tank with regular maintenance, but we also offer five tips below to ensure you are…
Should You Use Septic Tank Additives?

Should You Use Septic Tank Additives?

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It’s tempting to be able to just flush some septic tank additive down your toilet and not have to worry about your septic system, right? That might not be the great idea that you think it is, however. Express Septic Services explains below why your septic system is low maintenance but still needs maintenance. Let’s…
Why Can’t I Flush My Cat’s Litter Down the Toilet_

Why Can’t I Flush My Cat’s Litter Down the Toilet?

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You love the feline members of your family and so do we here at Express Septic Services. Pets just make the household happier, and they offer the added benefit of teaching your little ones responsibility. You’ve heard you cannot flush cat litter down the toilet, so why does it say on the container that you…
Why Does My Septic Tank Smell

Why Does My Septic Tank Smell?

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Your septic tank will release unpleasant odors for many reasons and all of them signal trouble. You might notice a sewage smell inside your home, or you may smell sewage outside. Express Septic Services can help no matter where you smell the odor or what the cause is. Here are some reasons why you can…
3 Things You Should Never Allow Into Your Septic System

Three Things You Should Never Allow Into Your Septic System

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Your septic system is more sensitive than you might think. There are three household items that can damage it beyond repair and what’s worse is you might not realize you’re flushing these things down the drains and toilets. If you are allowing these things into your septic system, you’ll be calling Express Septic Services sooner…