Six Problems That Cause Septic Drain Field Damage

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The holiday season is the worst time of the year to have septic drain field problems. Express Septic Services is here to help 24/7, but you still want to avoid common problems that can damage your leach field and prevent a holiday nightmare. What things are well-known to damage a septic drain field? We’re going to list six below to help you avoid the causes of drain field issues and, thereby, the issues themselves.

1. Roots

Tree roots are a septic system’s worst nightmare. They surround the system for its water and damage the leach field and tank. Large roots have been known to crack septic tanks and make mincemeat out of drain fields. Plant trees away from the septic system to avoid root encroachment and damage.

2. Oil

Grease and oil can damage your household or commercial plumbing and the septic system. Because they are lightweight, grease and oil that pass through the plumbing into the septic system do not settle at the bottom of the tank. Rather, they clog the drain field and the filters from the tank to the field.

3. Age

The average age of a septic system is 15 to 40 years, according to the EPA. With such a broad range in its lifespan, servicing your septic system once a year is important because maintenance includes inspecting the system for age-related tank or drain field damage. Older drain fields cannot filter wastewater.

4. Sludge

Human waste creates sludge. The key is to treat the sludge properly by maintaining the bacterial balance in the tank and drain field. Flushing things down the toilets and drains that should not enter the system kills the good bacteria and creates excess sludge. The system should only handle human waste.

5. Vehicles

Depending on where your septic system’s drain field is located, you might park a vehicle on the field without realizing it. The weight of the vehicle can damage the drain field. Make sure you know where your septic system is to avoid parking on it, even if you’re having construction done on your property.

6. Maintenance

Well, lack of maintenance to be exact. You might think that flushing a septic system treatment down the toilet each month is all the maintenance your septic system needs but this isn’t the case. Annual maintenance allows experts to inspect, clean, and pump the system to avoid drain field damage.

Call Express Septic Services in Greenville, SC, to schedule your annual septic system inspection. We’ll test the health of your system and repair any drain field damage that has occurred.

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