6 Common Septic Tank Problems

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You may have noticed that we here at Express Septic Services talk a lot about septic problems in our blog. Don’t misunderstand. Septic systems are one of the best ways to handle your household waste and water. We just want to educate you on the problems that can occur with a septic system so you can avoid them, so let’s talk about six common problems with septic tanks in this blog post.

1. Clogged Tank

A clogged tank means there is too much waste in it and it’s time to pump it. You’ll notice sewage backing up into your home when there’s a clog. Your warning sign that a clog is imminent is slow-moving drains and toilets. This is a sign your tank is almost full.

2. Leaking Tank

Soggy ground and/or plant overgrowth above and around your septic tank mean it’s leaking. This happens with older tanks that need to be replaced. Whether concrete, plastic, or metal, a septic tank isn’t designed to last forever and it can spring a leak with age.

3. Tree Encroachment

Tree roots can ruin your septic tank just as much as they can ruin your plumbing. If the tree is large enough, it’s root system can crack the septic tank. The roots can also damage the septic pipes and drain field, which is why it’s wise to know where your septic system is before you plant your yard.

4. Car or Truck Damage

Okay, we cheated. This is a common problem with your septic system drain field but it bears discussion. If you have too many cars and park some of them in your yard, or perhaps you have a dead car in the backyard that you need to junk, it can damage your drain field if it’s parked on top of it.

5. Digging Damage

As we mentioned above, it’s best to know where your septic tank and drain field are as well as the plumbing pipe system leading from your home to them. This helps you avoid breaking things as you dig in your yard to plant a new garden each spring or new underground cable or gas lines.

6. Chemical Damage

We’ve talked a lot in past blog posts about what not to put down your drain. Cleaning chemicals, non-biodegradable soaps and cleaning supplies, non-biodegradable toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, feminine products, sanitary wipes, foods, cat litter, etc., all of this stuff can ruin your septic tank.

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