Four Things That Can Crack Your Septic Tank

You rely on your septic tank to store human waste safely until such time as it’s pumped out of the tank and disposed of properly. Two primary things can go wrong with your septic tank that will cause hazardous waste exposure. The tank can fill up and push the sewage back into your house, or it can crack and seep the sewage into your yard. Express Septic Services lists four things that cause the latter.

1. Automobile Weight

Depending on where your septic tank is located, you might be parking your car, truck, or C/SUV on it without even realizing it. Some people also store their recreational vehicles on top of the tanks without knowing it. The weight of the automobile can crack the tank. Septic tanks are not designed to handle the excess weight, and an automobile can crack or even collapse your septic tank.

2. Concrete Failure

You might also end up with a cracked septic tank if the tank is made from concrete. How concrete is mixed with water plays a huge role in its stability. For example, if your septic tank was made with a water-to-cement ratio above 0.45, the concrete will “bleed” during the curing process. This means it cures more porous and can crack easier than mixtures below 0.45.

3. Soil Expansion

The ground soil in some areas has a higher clay content than in other areas. Clay absorbs moisture, i.e. it expands at a much higher rate than non-clay ground soil. As the soil expands, it presses into the tank, which can cause stress cracks in it. As the clay soil dries out, it recedes from the tank, and this, too, can cause the tank to crack because it is no longer supported by the soil.

Tree Roots

Finally, you love your beautiful, big trees in your yard but the roots can damage your home’s foundation and your septic system, including the tank. Tree roots are unbelievably damaging, and they can encroach upon the tank and drain field, decimating it beyond recognition. Depending on the size of the tree roots, they can crack your septic tank. It’s important to plant trees away from the septic system.

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