4 Things That Can Cause Your Septic Tank to Fail

The last thing that you need is for your septic tank to fail. This failure can pollute your yard and home. The waste that the tank stores is an environmental hazard. Consequently, if the waste spills into your yard, you will be stuck with an environmental cleanup cost. There are a handful of things that can cause your septic tank to fail. We are going to list them below for your information.

1. Damaged System

If your septic system is damaged, the tank may fail. The tank may be damaged itself. If you park your car or another automobile on the septic tank, the weight from the vehicle can crack the tank or the tank’s top. Tree roots can also crack the tank or the top. An overloaded tank may crack if the tank is quite old or in bad shape. Other parts of the septic system can also get damaged and fail. This includes the drain field, which can fail if it is under excess weight, or the main plumbing line from the house to the tank.

2. Excessive Water

Another thing that can damage the septic tank is excess water. Think about how you and your family use water and then take steps to avoid flooding the tank. The tank stores the water for approximately 24 hours before it releases it into the drain field. This is to give the drain field time to process the water it already has. You cannot flood the drain field or it will fail. You can easily flood the septic tank if you use too much water in one day. For example, if you wash more than one or two loads of laundry in one day, you will flood the septic tank. This flooding can damage both the tank and the drain field.

3. Faulty Installation

You cannot control how your septic tank was installed, but we can fix it if it was installed improperly. Unfortunately, you may not realize you have a problem until the waste backs up into your home. You may also end up with waste spilling into the yard. This can make your yard smell like sewage.

4. Poor Maintenance

Finally, if you do not maintain your septic tank, you will damage it. As we mentioned above, if it gets stuffed with waste, it will crack or overflow. Septic system maintenance is crucial to the system’s health. If it has been three years or more since you’ve had your system maintained, call us right away.

We are septic system experts. We will inspect your tank and drain field to make sure everything is okay.

Photo by MementoImage from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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