Three Places Where Septic Systems Are Necessary

Septic systems are amazing in that they store and treat hazardous waste onsite. Whether the place is a commercial business, industrial facility, or residence, the treatment of this waste is crucial to the safety of the ground and people within the area. This is why septic systems require regular maintenance. They cannot work effectively if they are compromised in any way. Express Septic Services installs, maintains, and repairs septic systems. Here are three places where these systems are necessary.

Septic Systems at Campgrounds

If the campgrounds that you visit have flushable toilets and working showers, the grounds might be plumbed to a septic system. As with a sewage system, a septic system removes water and waste from plumbing fixtures through a series of pipes to a main line that empties into the septic tank and drain field. Because campgrounds are located away from major cities and towns, they do not have access to a municipal wastewater and sewage systems. As such, the waste is disposed of in the tank and through the drain field to keep campers comfortable even though they’re out in nature roughing it.

Septic Tanks in Mountain Areas

Mountainous areas are just like campgrounds. They are remote, perhaps small ski or national park towns, that are not connected to municipal sewage systems. Large mountain towns or those that are popular vacation spots for the wealthy might have their own sewage and wastewater treatment plants, but many smaller mountain towns use septic systems instead. This is an effective way to control human waste and wastewater without the need for a city-wide sewage system, something that is often ineffective cost-wise for smaller mountain communities, especially retirement communities.

Last But Not Least, Rural Areas

Rural communities may be large in population in some areas but still run on septic systems because sewage is not feasible. These areas are also far away from large cities, which is what makes them appealing to their residents, and they do not have a need for costly municipal sewage systems. In many rural areas, gray water is recycled and used to water crops, which makes water waste not only more efficient but also greener. Septic systems can be modified to properly handle human waste so it doesn’t pose a threat to the environment and put non-toxic water waste to good use. 

These are just some places where septic systems are an effective way to handle human waste. Greenville, SC, is another place, and Express Septic Services can help you with all of your septic system needs. Call us to schedule an appointment. 

Photo by Tilialucida from Canva Pro

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